Posted: November 4, 2010 in Rashi says

Today was a very unproductive day don’t know why I feel like that but considering the amount of work to be done and the work I have done , I can clearly say like this.

So because of the frustration I have right now thought of writing a post to the blog.


1.Ok before you think today post is getting boring I got something for you guys go to this site and in the space where you can enter stuff enter any mathematic problem you need to resolve, in seconds you’ll get the answer.

well if you want to calculate Laplace transformation of any function you can even calculate that ,just type “lapalce transformation of your function” you get the answer in couple of seconds pretty awesome nhaa?

I just dnt knw hw the developers came up with this but it one heck of good job.

2. And got a update on my WIP of the audi r8 im modeling………..

Ah I forgot to mention about seven months ago I started to model one of my favorite cars audi r8 because of university work I don’t much time to modeling but i ‘m also kind of surprised that I’m still modeling it Open-mouthed smile

here are some pics f the some stages of the WIP

If you have any comments or suggestions just drop them by….

I think its kind of enough for 2day hope to add a post soon ,ohhh subscribe to my blog if it is worth reading Open-mouthed smile

  1. Great stuff dude, keep it up 🙂

  2. Lasitha says:

    Saw the models clean and super thumbs up bro!!! awesome!!

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