Shperify edge loop script

Posted: December 11, 2010 in Rashi's tips and tricks for 3ds max

I recorded a small a macro script to speed up my modeling work flow so thought of sharing it.

Hmmm i think u guys know how to add a script so i’m only gonna show how to use it.

If you guys wanna know how to add the script leave a comment.

So what you can do with the script.

When you are hard surface modeling and when you need to create  spherical face you can do is manually cut the poly using gengon as a reference or you can use  spherify modifier.

This script is a extended version of it.

How it works

K some tips

more the number of  edges that need to be converted the good the  circular shape would be.

Are here’s the link to the script he he

ahhh and btw if you think the blog is useful please subscribe!

happy modeling!

  1. zavenger says:

    macha Rashiga….!!!, your blog is wonderful…!! cheers buddy..!!

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