Simple ways i use to optimize my workflow

Posted: December 28, 2010 in Rashi's tips and tricks for 3ds max

Share your methods also.Drop by any comments or questions.

  1. beckha says:

    patta machan…man hithanne 1st comment eka magen…elatama karala thinwa…adooo uba lectr sereis ekak karapan…math help eka dennam…anika matath thwa igena ganna ona moree…(poddak oya uugura kaaarana eka nawathhapan…kathai)

  2. tharindu says:

    nice machan 😀 good work !!!!!

  3. rashiga says:

    ahhh my friend white wolf told me that crtl+backspace will remove the vertices also when removing edges.thnx white wolf

  4. Anu says:

    Good job Rashiga. Its really nice to find someone from sri lanka doing these kinds of video. Really good stuff. Why dont u upload these in to highend 3d. the video quality is a lot better there.

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