When exams get closer and you have no idea what to do ,here’s a bit of a tip

Posted: February 15, 2011 in Rashi says

Hi guys as you have noticed passed couple of months i had being regularly posting posts on my blog ,and you may have realized why i’m keeping a low profile these days.So here the reason mainly because i was bit upset about the fact that my motherboard of the desktop computer got broken so my hope of finalizing the audi r8 was lost.

And a another reason is my long vacation from the uni got ended and i’m having exams in 3 weeks.So because i enjoyed the vacation to the maximum i usually didnt do much studying ,and when you get to know about that you’ve got a exam everything goes haywire ,so i would like to share a little tip i got from my friend Sudharaka that’s to make a list of all the topics you have to cover fro exams it may seem a little thing but trust me when you see the topics you have covered and the time you have left to study you will surely give more time for studying.

Well this out of CG but because most of you study ,i thought of sharing this 😀

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